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About RSS
Welcome to Raccoon Secret Society. It is a private community located on the Ethereum blockchain in a form of ERC721 NFTs. Only true raccoons can join though...
- 10000 NFTs
- 0.02 ETH minting price
- 333 extra hand-drawn NFTs for holders
- Current state: SOLD OUT
All Raccoons are randomly generated from 150 traits. Some of them are rarer then the others
The Prophecy says that 1000 Harbingers will join the society. But only the sacred contract will choose who shall it be
The elder masters think that Raccoons are not the supreme creation. The legends talk about the mysterious and mighty Angels. It is our secret mission to know more about them
Perform a sacred ritual. Trade the Harbinger status of 3 raccoons and summon the superior being...
Ritual Upgrade
Old Roadmap (DONE)
10% initiated - Airdrop of 10 random Raccoons to holders
20% initiated - 5 ETH donation to charity
40% initiated - 10 Harbingers will be airdropped
60% initiated - Angel contract will be deployed
80% initiated - 10 Angels airdrop
100% initiated - The Apocalypse
Roadmap 2.0 - The Raccoons Franchise
Middle of September:
  • Angels upgrades system
  • High promo activity. Collaborations with other collections
  • The Rising
End of September
  • The Angels are added to Rarity Tools
  • Various community projects utilizing bones deployed
  • A community quest from the artist - "In the search of an Angel"
  • First part of the Secret Society NFT comic book released. It will tell the story of the RSS project and the Apocalypse
  • Huge website upgrade. The start of the Raccoons franchise
  • RSS is added to Metaverse
Community masters
Master Raccoon
Raccoon Pontiff
Kaneki Raccoon
Web Raccoon